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I’ve been told not much info from the Darren Q&A is out? We weren’t allowed film, but the con did, I have no idea if it will go online. While I’m waiting for Darren I’ll try and write some about it?

So here’s my recount of the story with Lea and Chris mentioned, as I’ve seen a few versions about? It’s been hours since, but I think I get the gist and details across. And mostly I don’t think it’s easy to explain in tweets

One of the first things he said was it was great to see the Starkids, but also the Glee guys. He mentioned that Max was the first guy he met on set, and Max is one of his better friends. He then stopped himself about how people read so much into every single interaction that happens, and how Max being a good friend doesn’t mean that anyone else isn’t, they’re all good friends.

He was then saying they make a lot of jokes about that, like when they are on the golf cart things (brain has blanked on the word), and they see people who are on the tour looking at them, they make jokes about what people will think.

So his example was, if he and Chris are on the back of the cart, and Lea’s in the front, they’ll whisper things like “oh look, they don’t like Lea” or “yeah, it makes total sense they’d always sit like that.” Basically making fun of how strongly people latch into any interaction they see?

It was a really funny story, and it’s obvious the point was they’re all friends and we shouldn’t take a single picture we see to tell is all about their relationships.

brooklyn nine-nine please god PLEASE I COULD DIE (for hp headcanons!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  •  jake, amy and rosa are gryffindors (the sorting hat considers ravenclaw for jake and slytherin for rosa but puts amy is gryffindor right away) and gina is a ravenclaw and boyle is a puff
  • terry and hagrid co-teach care of magical creatures together. terry is half giant, like hagrid and they’re basically best friends and they knit together and his daughters call hagrid uncle hagrid. terry lives off of campus so he can spend more time with his daughters and wife but when his daughters are old enough to go to hogwarts he’s going to try and convince his wife to let him a build a hut next to hagrid’s for them to live in but idk if she’s going to go for it
  • when amy gets sorted into gryffindor all her brothers (who are mostly all gryffindors except for one brother in ravenclaw and one in slytherin) cheer super loud. well besides for the ravenclaw and slytherin one who boo 
  • holt is headmaster and it’s his first year as headmaster when jake, amy, rosa, gina and boyle are first years and when he introduces himself and makes his speech about what he wants to accomplish as headmaster amy and jake are both internally like “father figure alert” but jake pretends to not be listening while amy is openly like THIS MAN IS MY HERO. and holt makes a joke like “you know the hardest part of being the first OPENLY gay headmaster of hogwarts? everyone knows you’re gay” and amy laughs way too loud and goes “very good joke headmaster” and jake (who is sitting across from her and next to rosa) turns to rosa and goes “what a nerd” and rosa just stares at him and goes “she has 7 brothers i would shut up if i was you…. but also yeah she’s a nerd” and amy is like “i can hear you also i can handle myself it’s not my brothers you need to worry about” and rosa is like “i like you” and jake is like “sorry” and that’s how the three of them become friends
  • first year during charms teddy pulls a seamus and sets his feather on fire. jake is literally nowhere near it but boyle throws himself over jake to protect him thus, their friendship is born
  •  boyle sleepwalks and one night he sleepwalks into the kitchen and starts cooking shit and holt catches him but the stuff he made is so good the next morning he asks him if he wouldn’t mind actually doing some of the cooking for the school
  • rosa and amy make the quidditch team their 3rd year (rosa as a beater and amy chaser) and jake makes it his 4th year as seeker. amy actually only tries out to get her brothers to shut up about how she couldn’t do it but she ends up loving it the most and being the best and she eventually becomes captain. 
  •  jake and gina were both muggleborns and childhood best friends and gina was kind of shitty at muggle school bc she just slept through all her classes and she does that here too but when teachers call on her she always gets the answer right but when they’re like “how did you know that/justify your answer” she’s just like “it’s a vibe i’m getting” she’s particularly good at divination and potions
  • jake Worships the marauders and is obsessed with trying to find every passage way in the school. amy is very against this but somehow gets talked into going exploring with him like, every night
  •  gina is so good at reading people that her and jake convince people she can actually read minds and charge people for her services
  •  jake is always convinced something fishy is going on bc he’s obsessed with trying to solve mysteries (80% of the time he’s right and something actually is going on) but everyone is always like “calm down peralta you’re not harry potter”
  • amy is an Amazing student so much so that holt asks her if she could tutor some students. at first she’s really bad at it and loses her cool a lot but she ends up being really good at it
  • holt is really fond of gina and they have weekly meetings in his office and none of them know what they do or talk about but amy is really jealous
  •  i’m not saying rosa starts a hogwarts fight club but she totally starts a hogwarts fight club
  •  also she’s really super protective of the gang and beats up a lot of people who talk shit about them (because, they’re kind of lame) but she never tells them she does that also she like??? never uses magic to fight people she’s all about doing it the old fashion way- with her fists
  • one time the gang (sans amy, because trying to find secret passageways is one thing but this is just dumb) sneak into the forbidden forest after hours bc jake is convinced the school is hiding zombies??? boyle actually believes him, gina is just bored and rosa likes going into the forbidden forest anyways. but they get caught and have detention for a month and all of their parents send them howlers except jake’s parents don’t and it makes holt oddly sad so he sends him one instead except it’s just holt in a monotone going “i’m disappointed” and jake acts embarrassed but it secretly half warms his heart and half makes him sad cause holt is disappointed in him and that sucks but also holt sent him a howler saying he was disappointed in him and it’s such a dad thing to do and he’s like holt is literally my dad this is great
  • amy dates teddy during 4th year and they have a very tame and lame break up the summer before 5th year. jake has always kind of been in love with amy even if he didn’t realize it until she started dating teddy. and i’m not saying jake and amy get together after jake serenades her with a tswift song (she doesn’t even know who tswift is) in the great hall but i’m not saying they don’t either


so yes I met darren criss tonight that was cool. he sat at our table and his first comment was about how cool my hair is

we were sat on a table away from EVERYONE and it had steps leading to it and he walked down the steps really jazzy and clicked his fingers and giggled his hips and i was like in my head damn boy you fine

then we just talked and he swears so much and i asked him about his ring and he said

"i got it from kenya and i saw this guy making them and i walked past it every day so i went and had a look and they had my size, so its an african themed ring" and it was hella cute

and as im welsh he said he knew the welsh slang word for hug was cwtch and i was so happy

he hugged us at our table but it was awkward because he didn’t know where to go first so I went “are you gonna go around?” and he went “for that comment you are going fucking last” and i was like bitch didnt even want a hug anyway but then we laughed and i was like *___* baby

and when he made his way around people he came to me and held out his arms and said “come here, gorgeous” so we hugged for super long, and super super tight and he pulled back and yelled “WE JUST CWTCHED THE SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER”

and thats the story of how i met darren criss





"…is that a cardboard cutout of Thor?"


omg im gomen this stopped being funny after i had more than two hours of sleep but it’s been on my hard drive since i saw iron man 3 so i quickly finished and posted it


Oh my god the Thor cut out is my favorite I WANT ONE.