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What Chris Colfer Watches



Chris Colfer’s Childhood Favorite: Power Rangers

Growing up in Fresno, Calif., Glee star Chris Colfer says he was addicted to TV. “My parents made the mistake of giving me a television in my room at a very early age,” he says. It started with Power Rangers in the morning. “I remember being obsessed and watching every episode,” he says. “The X-Men cartoon would be on every day at 3 p.m. after school. I would have to run home to watch it, because school was over at 3.” As he grew older, he started to watch the sitcoms Roseanne and Seinfeld, and ABC’s TGIF lineup of Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Step by Step and Family Matters. “It’s funny because I’ll be sitting on the set with seasoned actors, and they’ll be talking about a show and say, ‘How do you know that show?’ I saw it on TV Land.”

Chris Colfer’s Current Favorite: Nurse Jackie

Colfer earned his second consecutive Emmy nomination for supporting comedy actor this year for his portrayal of the sweet Kurt on Fox’s Glee, but his own TV tastes lean toward the dramatic, with Nurse Jackie on his can’t-miss list every week. “I think I love anything where characters are unapologetic and mean and rude,” he says. “I secretly wish I could be Nurse Jackie and walk up to someone and tell them what I think about them.” Other favorites include Oprah Behind the Scenes, Modern Family, and historical documentaries. “If there’s something about castles I watch it,” he says.

Chris Colfer’s Dream Gig: Absolutely Fabulous

The Glee kids kept busy this summer touring across the country and are now filming another season, but Colfer does have one goal: dropping in on Absolutely Fabulous, the fan favorite BBC sitcom which will air three episodes to commemorate its 20th anniversary. “I wish I wasn’t so busy so I could guest star on other shows,” he says. “I would love to guest star on one of the new AbFab episodes coming up. Jennifer Saunders is one of the few heroes I’ve ever had.”

“If there’s something about castles I watch it” 


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