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Anon: I’m just curious, but do you think Klaine is going to break up so Kurtofsky can happen?

I suppose in some sense anything can happen on Glee, but no, I don’t, and that’s not why I have reservations about Karofsky’s appearance on Glee.

Why I don’t think Kurtofsky is going to happen: 
Honestly, if they’d intended to make it happen, it would have  made far more sense to never transfer Karofsky way from McKinley. He’s pretty much been a non-entity this whole season aside from two minutes in 3.05. 

Klaine is still strong right now and there’s been no build up to anything else. Klaine is extremely popular, and it’s been going on strong for months and months. If they want to do another pairing, they’re going to be fighting uphill against the force of public opinion - which is firmly in favor of Klaine, and they have a pretty limited amount of time to do it in. The GA has no reason to be invested in Kurtofsky while this season has continually reaffirmed Klaine’s bond and given them more reasons to be invested in that.

Of course, this is Glee, disclaimer for no one knows the way of Troll Murphy, etc. 

Why I still have reservations anyway:

My problem with Karofsky is the same issue I have with Sebastian - not because I feel threatened as a Klaine shipper, but because I am infuriated by the way that Glee continually pardons and panders to the bully’s needs, while insisting that the victim must act like a saint and possess no agency whatsoever.  

The thing is that Glee has never dealt with the issues of sexual harassment that it brought up in Furt. That scene with the caketopper? It is creepy as fuck, and it is not romantic in the least. And it has never been addressed in anyway!

So I have issues with Glee continually minimizing and ignoring what Karofsky has done, and I hate, hate hate it when people try to justify sexual harassment by saying that it’s about romantic feelings or that he didn’t mean it or whatever. No. The caketopper scene makes it pretty clear: it’s about power, control, and fear. It was clearly about telling Kurt that he can’t control his own body and that Karofsky can touch him and that Kurt can’t stop him.

So my problem is with Glee potentially romanticizing and whitewashing everything in retrospect. That’s my concern about the upcoming episodes, especially given the way that the Sebastian thing was treated with the complete lack of consequences for him or any agency on the victim’s part.

Basically I wish that Glee would stop trivializing bullying and arguing that it’s somehow the victim’s responsibility to rehabilitate him. If Karofsky has issues then he should get help for them. But it should NOT be Kurt’s job to do so, and regardless of whatever issues he has it doesn’t make his past actions okay and he should still be held accountable for them.

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