i carry your heart with me

klaine week, day 6


Kurt finds the ring on the same day Blaine buys it.

He’s tidying up their room, tiptoeing around the bed where Blaine is still sleeping, an arm thrown over his face. When Kurt picks up Blaine’s slacks from where they landed earlier in the evening, the box falls out of the pocket and Kurt, well. He can’t not look. He knows it’s not nice of him, but then Blaine Anderson should really learn to hide his secrets better if he doesn’t want them exposed.

It’s a simple, tasteful platinum band with their initials engraved. Understated and pricey as all hell, and so then Kurt spends the next fifteen minutes sitting on the floor, a hand pressed over his mouth, trying not to cry or shriek or both. Because there is knowing he’s going to marry Blaine, and then there is knowing. Kurt wasn’t even aware he had doubts, but from that moment on he honestly doesn’t have any. Tomorrow or next month or ten years from now — it doesn’t matter; it’s happening.

He puts the ring back in the box and the box back in the slacks, the slacks back down on the floor and then, after further consideration, he drops all of the clothes he’s already picked up before climbing back into bed. He throws an arm over Blaine’s side and pulls him back against his chest, whispers yes, oh my god, yes against his bare shoulder, to which Blaine mumbles something incomprehensible and nearly elbows him in the face.

Over the next two years, the ring migrates from the pocket to Blaine’s sock drawer, to the teapot they never use but kept since it was a housewarming gift from Blaine’s aunt, to Blaine’s half of the medicine cabinet. Kurt rolls his eyes every single time he finds it, then looks left and right before whispering yes aloud, giggling and feeling like a complete and utter idiot.

The ring he bought is masterfully hidden in a shoe box in the very back of his closet. Rachel’s the only person he ever shows, and she isn’t particularly impressed.

Took you long enough?” she reads, wrinkling her nose. “Kurt, this is the most passive-aggressive engraving I’ve ever seen on a ring.”

Kurt waves her off, grinning.

“Oh, don’t worry, he’ll get it.”

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