fearlessly and forever

spoilery tweets from giparise on 2/25 (I’ll keep updating)

was darren’s tweet about being “les miserable” a reference to a future song or was he just being silly
 being silly

Who makes the macaroni kurt picture
hint: a guy, from the ohio side

woohooo!!! I just have the same question… I guess I know the answer but is Quinn in episode 17?

can you say which episode will revisit the cut blam stuff from naked? :)

Can u say if Kurtaroni is for 16 or 17? (That’s what we call that pic Brad tweeted ha ha)

do you know what’s going on with Regionals? It is getting late
no idea

is the kurt macaroni art a gift for someone?
nope, its just an art, nothinf special

Is the scene where Santana says CWM was Klaine’s wedding song before or after said song?
 after the song

can you say anything about santana? (:
 she’s bringing lima heights straight to nyc! lol

any clarification you could give us on brochel and finchel please
 16 and 17, wait for it

is the ‘go on’ from the promo part of santana talking to kurt about cwm?
no, its about brody

does santana mention cwm being klaine’s wedding song in front of adam?
of course she does, its santana lol

Of these coming 3 episodes which is your favorite? ;) 
 17, good music and storyline :)

anything you can say about Finn and him finding his dream?
 storyline coming up about this!

Is Blaine playing the piano in his mashup with Sue like in RM’s photo? Or was that just BTS Darren stuff?
its for another scene

is santana team klaine or kadam? haha @GiParise
probably klaine, but thats my opinion on her haha

what episode will feature a taylor swift song?

just yes or no…how many songs for 4x17 made you go “WTF?”
 none, all good songs

Can you tell us what the brittany/kitty fondue for 2 scene is about? Thanks!
 guilty pleasures

Will Santana get along with Brody? :)
 lol no

One word to describe Klaine in Come What May …please

will Adam have anything to say about cwm and Blaine?

is blaine going to write a song? :) i was just wondering because there’s a notebook in the piano picture that ryan tweeted


any hints on who sings the taylor swift song??
no hints

please i just want to know who get along more, Kurtana or pezberry?

is it a new taylor song or old??

what can you say about Kurt’s face after the CWM dream
” tears stream down your face…”

does blaine have any ‘guilty pleasures’

does kurt have any guilty pleasures? (is it blaine)
nyc side dont have guilty pleasures, just the ohio side

does Finn have any guilty pleasures?
he’s not even in the episode lol

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