fearlessly and forever


Anonymous asked: can i prompt kurt just wrapping blaine in his arms and relishing how tiny he is i need lots of hugs and cuddles right now ;_;

of course sweet anon ♥ and i’m sending you lots of internet cuddles & hoping you feel better soon.

Kurt comes back from his bagel run to find Blaine standing in the middle of Kurt’s room - well, their room, now, of course - in a tight pair of boxer-briefs and nothing else, staring down at his clothing selections on the bed. Kurt smiles warmly at the sight of him, hands on hips and the curve of his belly sticking out slightly while the curve of his ass sticks out quite a bit more.

"Go with the red pants," Kurt says, stepping behind Blaine and circling his arms around his waist at Blaine’s hum of surprise, chest flooding with warmth when Blaine leans back into him. "I love when you wear those."

"Hmm, you do?" Blaine asks, and Kurt can hear the smile in his voice.

"The only thing I love more is when you wear no pants,” Kurt whispers, and Blaine laughs, moving to get dressed but getting tugged back insistently by Kurt’s arms.

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prompt: possessive werewolf!kurt marking blaine with his scent and blaine baring his neck/belly to kurt in submission. inspired by this gifset. a smutty PG-13.

"I- I take it your dad won’t be home for a while?" Blaine asks when Kurt tugs him into his bedroom. He presses Blaine up against the door as soon as it’s shut, and he can hear the way Blaine’s heartbeat speeds up, throat bobbing when Kurt nuzzles at his neck.

"We have a few hours. I just needed you here, where it smells like me.” He licks at the side of Blaine’s neck, feels the hammering pulse under his tongue and the way it makes the wolf stir impatiently inside, eager to mark and claim.

Blaine meets Kurt’s gaze, eyes warm with understanding. “I’m all yours, Kurt. Just yours.”

Kurt growls, the still-human-enough-to-care part of him embarrassed at how easy it is to lose control like this around Blaine, but the way Blaine’s scent fills the air, sweet and eager, just fuels how much Kurt wants him.

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I Need Somewhere To Begin

It started when Kurt and Blaine went shoe shopping together in New York for the first time, and Blaine went a lot starry-eyed when Kurt tried on a pair of knee-high boots with about two inches of heel (because Blaine was always a little starry-eyed around him), and encouraged Kurt to buy them.

Half a week later Kurt and Blaine were rifling through their closet side-by-side, getting ready to go out to a karaoke bar with some people in their Dialects and Accents class, and Kurt couldn’t decide between a waistcoat or a sweater. “I don’t know what to wear,” he mused out loud.

"You should wear your heels," Blaine said immediately.

Kurt blinked. He hadn’t even gotten to footwear yet. “I don’t own heels.”

"You know what I mean," Blaine said, selecting a tie and looping it around his neck. Kurt picked up the waistcoat, which matched it better. "Your new boots."

Kurt supposed that that would work with his burgundy pants, and pulled them all out to put on. When they returned late that evening, a little bubbly on alcohol and a lot keyed up from watched each other shake their hips, Kurt crushed Blaine up against the wall and kissed him hard. Blaine whimpered and sucked on his tongue and got his pants open, and Kurt tried to pull away to finished disrobing. “Hold on, I need to get my boots off—”

"No," Blaine said, pulling him back against him by the shoulders and then dragging his hips against his belly. "Leave them on. Right here, right now, okay?"

Then ended up grinding against the wall, Kurt’s hands under Blaine’s thighs to hold him up a little, and Blaine came hard, all over the waistcoat.

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"Breaking Fast" - Kurt/Blaine


For the anon who requested “Kurt and Blaine living in the Bushwick apartment and desperately trying to have sex without getting interrupted? Then then loads of dirty talk when they finally get to be completely alone” as well as the anon who wanted “size!kink? the idea of the both of them getting like really turned on due to how tiny and compact blaine is”.

Blaine moving to New York after they get back together and he gets into NYU: best idea ever.

Blaine moving into the loft: not the best idea ever.

Kurt had had so many fantasies of the two of them living together.  No matter how much or how little space they might end up with he’d imagined neat, shared spaces full of light, windows that would catch the morning sun, and tasteful decor in ever-changing seasonal colors and theme.  

He’d put together no less than twelve swatch boards, three for each season, and had them ready for Blaine to choose between (they would have an engaging yet brief debate that would end with Blaine agreeing with him, naturally).  He’d scoured flea markets and estate sales for personality-filled knick-knacks.  He’d put his Summer wardrobe into storage just to make room for Blaine’s clothes, at the expense of maintaining access to his Vivienne Westwood accessories.

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