i carry your heart with me

klainehiatuschallenge day 37 - favorite headcanon

I like that you’re bigger, Blaine says with a shaky breath, a bashful smile. I was insecure about it, a while ago, but now it’s almost all I can think about, the fact you’re a little taller and your shoulders are broader and you’re so strong when you hold me. Blaine’s voice has gone low like it does when he’s sleepy or turned on and heat jolts through Kurt at the sound of it.


Anonymous prompted: blaine starts hugging kurt more and kurt thinks something’s wrong but blaine’s actually just turned on by their size difference and being in kurt’s arms (。◕‿◕。)

Blaine comes home from class - and oh, Kurt loves that he can think of it as Blaine coming home, because they both agree that even if he’s moved out, home is where the heart is and Blaine’s heart is with Kurt - and before Kurt can get up to meet him, Blaine’s dropping his bag and sliding onto the couch, arms going around Kurt’s waist.

"Oh, careful of the—" Kurt sets the popcorn bowl on his lap aside and then slides his own arms around Blaine, hugging him back, feeling Blaine sink into the embrace. The pleasant warmth and sheer comfort from hugging his fiancé makes Kurt’s stomach flip happily. "Hi, sweetie. Hard day at class?"

"Not really," Blaine mumbles, squeezing Kurt a little harder before he adds, "Just missed you, and wanted to do this."

"Oh," Kurt says, chest filling with more warmth as he tucks his chin over Blaine’s shoulder, rubbing his hands up and down Blaine’s back as he relaxes into the hug. "Well, I missed you too."

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Anonymous asked: can i prompt kurt just wrapping blaine in his arms and relishing how tiny he is i need lots of hugs and cuddles right now ;_;

of course sweet anon ♥ and i’m sending you lots of internet cuddles & hoping you feel better soon.

Kurt comes back from his bagel run to find Blaine standing in the middle of Kurt’s room - well, their room, now, of course - in a tight pair of boxer-briefs and nothing else, staring down at his clothing selections on the bed. Kurt smiles warmly at the sight of him, hands on hips and the curve of his belly sticking out slightly while the curve of his ass sticks out quite a bit more.

"Go with the red pants," Kurt says, stepping behind Blaine and circling his arms around his waist at Blaine’s hum of surprise, chest flooding with warmth when Blaine leans back into him. "I love when you wear those."

"Hmm, you do?" Blaine asks, and Kurt can hear the smile in his voice.

"The only thing I love more is when you wear no pants,” Kurt whispers, and Blaine laughs, moving to get dressed but getting tugged back insistently by Kurt’s arms.

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prompt: possessive werewolf!kurt marking blaine with his scent and blaine baring his neck/belly to kurt in submission. inspired by this gifset. a smutty PG-13.

"I- I take it your dad won’t be home for a while?" Blaine asks when Kurt tugs him into his bedroom. He presses Blaine up against the door as soon as it’s shut, and he can hear the way Blaine’s heartbeat speeds up, throat bobbing when Kurt nuzzles at his neck.

"We have a few hours. I just needed you here, where it smells like me.” He licks at the side of Blaine’s neck, feels the hammering pulse under his tongue and the way it makes the wolf stir impatiently inside, eager to mark and claim.

Blaine meets Kurt’s gaze, eyes warm with understanding. “I’m all yours, Kurt. Just yours.”

Kurt growls, the still-human-enough-to-care part of him embarrassed at how easy it is to lose control like this around Blaine, but the way Blaine’s scent fills the air, sweet and eager, just fuels how much Kurt wants him.

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