i carry your heart with me

Darren Criss singing “Say My Name” at Delta’s open mic karaoke. [Source]

sliang3: It’s the island of misfit/AHMAZING toys singin’ classic destiny’s child. @lavernecox @darrencriss and @kathygriffin jammin at #delta open mic for #usopen. #getit

hrhchriscolfer: Grant thinks since he’s the Flash he can bully people now… #ALSicebucketchallenge @grantgust

@chriscolfer The trick is not losing your phone… #SplashMountainSelfie http://telly.com/1MX4L6K

hrhchriscolfer #SplashMountainSelfie

Chord Overstreet Confirms He’s Back For Every Episode of Glee's Final Season



Part of “Over You”

PerezHilton: And a surprise appearance by @darrencriss for a duet at the #ingridmichaelson show!! Such an exquisite song!!! Their harmonizing have me life!!!!!

gillee3: Ahh!! Surprise guest Darren Criss at Ingrid Michaelson’s concert!!


This is a video my best friend sent me from the Ingrid concert tonight where she’s introducing Darren and they talk a bit (excuse my other friend yelling she’s sorry to me since I’m not there)