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The question is cut off a bit but he was asked what Star Wars character would he want to play. He is such a nerd, omg.


Well, almost! The best-selling author of the Land of Stories series takes our “Grimm” challenge and comes out a champ. (Plus, bloopers!)

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Andy asks Chris Colfer about all of the reported behind-the-scenes rumors said of the “Glee” cast members and their real life drama! [Watch What Happens Live - July 13, 2014]

Chris Colfer talks about the Noël Coward biopic on Watch What Happens Live on July 13, 2014

@Hortonwifey: Dre telling @chriscolfer how he like the dance he did during Shaking My Head😍

hrhchriscolfer: Miami storm! #tlos3

Twitter Hack ‘Really Upset’ Chris Colfer


here’s the video of my niece meeting chris! i went up to him before she did, and after he signed my book, i gestured to her and explained, “this is my niece. i tweeted you about her, and you tweeted me back! she was devastated when she read the end of the second book, and you said i could assure her that everything would be fine in the next one.” so, at the beginning of the video, he’s telling her about the third book. however, she hadn’t properly introduced herself, and, well… watch to see how she fixed that, and made chris laugh! and, icymi, this is the envelope she handed to chris. she told me she signed the letter, “your reader, natalie.” i’m not sure if you can hear it, but she says, “i wrote you this letter in case i forget to tell you something.” i just love this kid to bits.


Meeting Chris and giving him the “A Grimm Warning” themed collars that we made for Cooper and Brian!

Chris Colfer Shares Inspiration For His ‘Land Of Stories’ Books

Chris Colfer chats with Access about his latest “The Land of Stories” book, “A Grimm Warning.” What inspired him to write these stories? Plus, did he know he always wanted to make it a series? And, who did he write the books for?